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Lynne  McNees
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  • How to Attract Business Travelers
  • According to the International SPA Association (ISPA) 2013 U.S. Spa Industry study conducted by PwC, 72 percent of American hotel and resort spas in 2012 offered 30-minute treatments. This figure shows how hotels are rapidly equipping themselves to cater to the spa needs of business guests. Business travelers are typified by little time and higher-than-average levels of stress – and spas need to adapt to their demands for short, simple, efficient and results-oriented treatments. Spa guests traveling on business are looking to find a balance they can squeeze into short breaks between meetings, presentations and travel time, and spas everywhere must learn to be flexible, customizable, succinct, connected, knowledgeable and memorable in order to attract and retain this increasingly important market. Read on...

Peggy Borgman
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Is “Wellness” Over? What You Need to Know About the “W” Word
  • When you think of “wellness,” what comes to mind? A “healthy” hotel room? A holistic spa treatment? Vegan offerings on your restaurant menu? A morning yoga class? The word “wellness” is ubiquitous. Marketers are spreading “wellness” as thick as organic hummus on a vast array of consumer products, services and experiences. But has this word lost its impact, and heaven forbid—its cachet for the traveler? Is wellness…”over”? Read on...

Dale  Hipsh
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Music Therapy Strikes a Chord with Hard Rock
  • Is anyone else nervous leaving their mobile phone behind, in a locker, all by itself, TURNED OFF, when having a spa treatment? I know I should not be, but I am. Spa goers have traditionally visited with the intent to disconnect, to unplug if you will. At Hard Rock our goal for the Rock Spa experience is meant to plug you in, amp you up and maybe even turn you on. We began our re-tool from this perceptive. Times have changed and many spa operators have not evolved as technology and hospitality brands have. To this end we went about seeking to discover a new way forward to enliven the senses, instill wellbeing and infuse the spirit of rock and roll into our newly envisioned experience. Our objective was stated to energize and excite – we want guests to leave our bespoke treatments ready to hit the dance floor and show the rest of the band how it’s done. Rock Spa is where Zen meets Zeppelin. Read on...

Simon Hudson
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Hotels Add Health to the Menu
  • An increasing number of hotels are responding to growing global demand for health and wellness and are catering to the physical and psychological needs of guests while promising enhanced wellbeing – benefits that visitors can take home when the holiday is over. A far cry from more traditional vacations spent lounging on a beach or poolside chair. Westin hotels, for example, recently launched a Well-Being Movement and even Las Vegas’s MGM Hotel has Stay-Well rooms. This article focuses on this trend and spotlights certain hotels around the world and the specific services they are providing for the growing number of health-conscious visitors. Read on...

Leslie  Wolski
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • The Hotel Spa and the Expanding Wellness Movement
  • As the wellness movement expands hotels are scrambling to offer a healthy environment to their health and fitness focused guests. Owners and general managers realized years ago that the spa is more than an amenity, but now the market is driving them to further develop their spa and fitness components. The challenge is to combine spa and fitness to create an authentic wellness experience that is true to their hotel brand. Read on...

David  Stoup
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Addressing the Wellness Needs of Business Travelers
  • We are in the Age of Wellness. The archaic cultures of waste and over-consumption, have given way to a healthier and more holistic mainstream ideology. Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, going-green, and locally grown are just a few phrases that define this era. Virtually every business sector has taken a stance on wellness including automotive, finance and energy. Finally tourism has joined this growing trend. Read on...

Deborah  Evans Parker
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Why Grounding or Earthing is Relevant to the Spa Experience.
  • If possible while reading this article, sit with your bare feet directly on the Earth’s surface – concrete, dirt, gravel or grass. You will experience what you are reading about, how contact with the Earth’s natural healing energy, electrical field, restores your body’s natural electrical field. The positive shift you feel is the beginning of process in which your body becomes recharged from the multitude of Earth’s electrons when direct contact is made. This is Earthing, a simple, safe and natural healing process that reduces inflammation, improves sleep and energizes the body. Read on...

Michael Koethner
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • The Ongoing Paradigm Shift within Companies
  • Let's be honest and straightforward. Smart Leaders and Companies never compete with another, they support each other, share experiences and goals in order for others to learn from and evolve; because they understand that the benefits of sharing will benefit everyone and increase the abundance within their community. Each of these smart leaders and companies are very well aware of their uniqueness, personality traits, special talents and skills; and by sharing all of these features with others they will create a more wonderful world to live and work in, for everyone. Read on...

Tracey Anne Latkovic
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Spirituality and Creative Arts - The Next Frontier in Health & Wellness
  • In today's fast-paced, overscheduled and hyper-stressed world, it's not easy to find the time to slow down. In the past, activities like a quiet visit to a coffee shop or well-deserved appointment at the spa allowed you to quiet the mind. Not so anymore. The traditional spa experience may not even allow the separation needed to slow down the pace. At day spas everywhere these days, guests are seen carrying their cell phones and iPads and even continuing to use them during their treatments. With this frenetic pace, people are not slowing down enough to ask important spiritual questions: Why am I here? How can I contribute to what is needed in this world? How can I find peace? And one thing is for certain, you aren’t going to find the answers to those questions at Starbucks or on your smart phone. Read on...

Eric  Favre
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Recalibrating Mind & Body at a Swiss Alpine Resort
  • Since opening in December 2012, The Alpina Gstaad has worked to position itself as a leading spa destination. This year, the luxury hotel – the newest to open in 100 years in the Swiss Alpine village – is expanding its approach and focusing on a special area of wellness. The hotel's management wants its guests to leave The Alpina Gstaad feeling better both mentally and physically than when they arrived. This summer, from June 6 to September 25, two special programs– Mindful Leadership and Sophrology – led by two experts in these fields, will focus on recalibrating guests' minds and bodies to promote a complete immersion into healthy and mindful living. Read on...

Cassie Hernandez
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Positive Thinking in Your Hotel Spa
  • We start hearing the message even as young children, "Think positive”! When entering into school, or a sport, or a contest, our parents continuously tell us, “think for the best!” Unfortunately as we get older life gets in the way and we cannot always hold such words true. Many times it’s easier to point out the negative then realize or even try to obtain the good in every situation. If you adopt an attitude that starts off seeing the best possible outcome, you teach your mind to expect success, growth and favorable results. Read on...

Dan  Pierotti
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Analyzing Healthy Hotels for the Wellness Traveler
  • With the concept of wellness tourism continuing to infiltrate the ideals of travel, it is revolutionizing the psyche and re-creating tourism as we know it and the Wellness industry right along with it. As our society has increased its fascination, interest and necessity for complementary and alternative therapies, where the paradigm shift in healthcare has been slow and combative, the spa industry has exploded. Read on...

Deborah Berlingeri
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Alternative Therapies: Reiki and Energy Healing
  • ELLE Magazine's first-ever ELLE Spa, is recognized among the best new spas by Conde Nast Traveler. ELLE is not only an all-inclusive spa, it is also a wellness center equipped with plush amenities, incredible ocean views and offer therapeutic healing massages and body treatments. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Eden Roc Miami Beach's gardens and ocean, the 30,000 square foot space boasts design and décor inspired by the Mediterranean coastline as well as Miami local artist Paloma Teppa's Plant the Future walls and figurines which lead to the ultimate whimsical spa escape. All who visit are invited to enjoy the custom do-it-yourself scrub bad, an oceanfront fitness center, aqua therapy with Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam, Hot & Cold Plunges, an expansive relaxation lounge area which includes a fireplace and outdoor spa terrace bar area. Read on...

Trent  Munday
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Demystifying the Hotel Spa
  • Today’s hotel spa can be either a great profit centre or an essential amenity that is just another cost centre. Either one is fine. The key is in understanding what role your spa plays for your hotel, then finding the right help to bring that spa to life and ensure that the finished product fits with the overall objective. Read on...

Eileen  Mockus
  • Spas, Health & Wellness
  • Organic Cotton for Hotels and Spas
  • What makes a hotel or spa experience special? What sets a property apart, attracts guests and inspires loyalty? Increased awareness of the benefits of clean and green living means that more and more consumers are seeking the organic label –on the food they eat, on the clothing they wear and on the bedding and bath linens they choose. And these aware, informed consumers expect the same high standards (or even higher) at a hotel or spa as those they set for their own homes. Read on...

SEPTEMBER: Hotel Group Meetings: Blue Skies Ahead

Jay Spurr

Meeting planners have more than enough to think about when it comes to searching for the perfect venue – and eco-consciousness is increasingly making its way top of mind for many. It is currently estimated that the average hotel guest generates 2.2 pounds of waste each night of their stay. And, with the meetings and event industry recently being deemed as the second most wasteful sector in the United States by the EPA, we at JW Marriott Austin knew we had to go above and beyond to deliver more efficient meetings and events with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Read on...

Del Robinette

Engagement and commitment are at the core of our professional lives in a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation. No matter the size or complexity of the box, engagement and our commitments should be a core fundamental that not only surfaces in our every interaction, but guides and directs our proactive decision making and our strategies and executions. Hospitality 101 teaches us as hospitality professionals, to engage with our guests, to make eye contact at 10 feet, to speak within 5, to escort when possible and to use our guests name in conversation. Read on...

Katie  Davis

I had a bit of an “out of body” experience recently. I was attending a corporate meeting, which was held in a hotel meeting room. As usual, I was multi-tasking for most of the meeting. Doing my best to remain engaged with the meeting content, while simultaneously managing an ever-growing email inbox and “To Do” list. During a break, I was pacing outside the meeting room, on the phone with my office, when I noticed some snacks and beverages set-up adjacent to the meeting room entrance. Read on...

Deirdre Martin Yack

Meeting planning in today’s world is more complex than ever. Whether you’re a planner or a supplier, our jobs are now 24/7. We are dealing with shorter lead times than ever, tighter budgets (on both sides), and expectations based on the perfection projected by social media and reality TV. Our job is no longer simply about dates, space, rate – we now need to compete at a world-class level on a daily basis. As a supplier, it takes extreme creativity at the venue level. Starting with the initial design, event space must be as flexible, innovative and as Instagram-worthy as possible. Read on...

Coming Up In The October Online Hotel Business Review

Feature Focus
Revenue Management: Technology and Big Data
Like most businesses, hotels are relying on technology and data to drive almost every area of their operations, but perhaps this is especially true for hotel Revenue Managers. There has been an explosion of technology tools which generate a mountain of data – all in an effort to generate profitable pricing strategies. It falls to Revenue Managers to determine which tools best support their operations and then to integrate them efficiently into their existing systems. Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Online Reputation Management software are basic tools; others include channel managers, benchmark reports, rate shopping tools and review systems, to name a few. The benefits of technology tools which automate large segments of a Revenue Manager’s business are enormous. Freed from the time-consuming process of manual data entry, and having more accurate data available, allows Revenue Managers to focus on analysis, strategies and longer-term decision-making. Still, for most hotels, the amount of data that these tools generate can be overwhelming and so another challenge is to figure out how to effectively utilize it. Not surprisingly, there are some new tech tools that can help to do exactly that. There are cloud-based analytics tools that provide a comprehensive overview of hotel data on powerful, intuitive dashboards. The goal is to generate a clear picture, at any moment in time, of where your hotel is at in terms of the essentials – from benchmarking to pricing to performance – bringing all the disparate streams of data into one collated dashboard. Another goal is to eliminate any data discrepancies between finance systems, PMS, CRM and forecasting systems. The October issue of the Hotel Business Review will address all these important developments and document how some leading hotels are executing their revenue management strategies.