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WCG Hotels Completes $14 Million Renovation of Walnut Creek Marriott

WALNUT CREEK, CA. September 11, 2017 - The Walnut Creek Marriott, in the heart of Northern California’s East Bay, recently completed a dramatic multi-year, $14 million renovation that infuses the hotel with modern design and upgrades.

“After working on this renovation for two years, we are eager to now share the experience with our guests,” said Eddie Adair, General Manager of the Walnut Creek Marriott, which is owned and managed by WCG Hotels. “No aspect of the hotel was left untouched as we upgraded and updated to provide a sleek, modern property with best-in-class services.”

Guest Rooms

The hotel’s 342 guest rooms were completely redone in a loft-style update.


The hotel’s A’Trio restaurant has been transformed into a Baja California fusion concept, overseen by Executive Chef Francisco Serrano. “We’ve aligned our dining options to better serve the on-the-go lifestyles of our guests,” explained Adair.

Meeting Space

The Walnut Creek Marriott offers more than 19,700 square feet of meeting space to accommodate up to 500 meeting attendees in 13 meeting rooms and 19 breakout spaces. State-of-the art technology upgrades include a new, lightning-fast wifi service (600 mbps) throughout the property.

About WCG Hotels

Windsor Capital Group, Inc. is a hotel management and development company that owns and operates full-service upscale branded hotels throughout the United States, flying the Embassy Suites and Marriott flags. It also runs Windsor Management Services, a top-performing hotel management company that customizes hotel management services to meet the needs of the properties. With more than 30 years of experience to call on, Windsor Management Services is known for unmatched results for its owners and unparalleled service for its guests delivered with a personal connection. For more information, visit windsormanagementservices.com and wcghotels.com or contact Paul Francisco, Chief Operating Officer at 310- 566-1100.

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Like most businesses, hotels are relying on technology and data to drive almost every area of their operations, but perhaps this is especially true for hotel Revenue Managers. There has been an explosion of technology tools which generate a mountain of data – all in an effort to generate profitable pricing strategies. It falls to Revenue Managers to determine which tools best support their operations and then to integrate them efficiently into their existing systems. Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Online Reputation Management software are basic tools; others include channel managers, benchmark reports, rate shopping tools and review systems, to name a few. The benefits of technology tools which automate large segments of a Revenue Manager’s business are enormous. Freed from the time-consuming process of manual data entry, and having more accurate data available, allows Revenue Managers to focus on analysis, strategies and longer-term decision-making. Still, for most hotels, the amount of data that these tools generate can be overwhelming and so another challenge is to figure out how to effectively utilize it. Not surprisingly, there are some new tech tools that can help to do exactly that. There are cloud-based analytics tools that provide a comprehensive overview of hotel data on powerful, intuitive dashboards. The goal is to generate a clear picture, at any moment in time, of where your hotel is at in terms of the essentials – from benchmarking to pricing to performance – bringing all the disparate streams of data into one collated dashboard. Another goal is to eliminate any data discrepancies between finance systems, PMS, CRM and forecasting systems. The October issue of the Hotel Business Review will address all these important developments and document how some leading hotels are executing their revenue management strategies.