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What Can We Expect at SAHIC 2017?

× This year, the most important regional conference for investors in hotels and tourism - which is routinely held through the major capitals of Latin America - will take place on September 13 and 14 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. SAHIC 2017 promises to deliver a memorable experience as we celebrate the anniversary of the conference's 10th year.

BUENOS AIRES, AR. August 7, 2017 - SAHIC South America will bring together more than 400 hotel and investor leaders from more than 30 countries. The SAHIC team has prepared a strong agenda, including premier guest speakers Stephen Holmes, Chairman & CEO of Wyndham Worldwide; Bill Walshe, CEO of Viceroy; Sébastien Bazin, Chairman & CEO of Accor; and David Sutton, President of Grupo Alvear.

The industry leaders recently shared their thoughts about their participation in SAHIC:

“The Latin American market is one of the fastest growing markets for hospitality and a priority for Viceroy Hotels and Resorts. I am thrilled to participate as a keynote for SAHIC in Argentina this year, especially with our forthcoming opening of Viceroy Buenos Aires in Madero Harbour, among additional openings planned in Cartagena, Panama, Chicago, Portugal, Serbia and Vietnam.” said Bill Walshe.

“Across Latin America and around the world, this is an exciting time to be in hospitality. Millennials, a growing middle class, and the rise in multigenerational travel are all driving more people to visit more places than ever before”, manifested Stephen Holmes.

Sébastien Bazin commented “We are celebrating 40 years in South America in 2017 with more than 300 hotels and 50,000 rooms and the confidence that the region has great potential for growth. Together with our partners, our aim is to expand the luxury segment in large urban centers and return to the leisure segment, seeking business opportunities in resorts and more touristy cities. The global acquisition including private residences, concierge services and luxury resorts will also strengthen South America’s new opportunities.”

David Sutton, an Argentine hotel developer who has greatly invested in Argentina within recent years, is very enthusiastic about participating in his first ever SAHIC. Mr. Sutton is the owner of many symbolic properties such as the Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires, The Llao Llao in Patagonia, Argentina, and Alvear Icon in Puerto Madera as his most recent opening, a USD 60 million project. David Sutton’s presence as a speaker has generated great expectations for the conference attendees.

SAHIC president, Arturo García Rosa commented: “For various reasons, including its natural wealth, its culture and the quality of its human resources, Argentina has historically had the privilege of being eye catching to the investment community around the world. If we add to this a series of economic and political measures that are favorable for the completion of business and for the arrival of foreign investments - especially after the transcendent change of course since the inauguration of President Macri in December 2015 - we have no doubt that this is a great destination for the meeting - once again - of the hotel leaders, developers and the most powerful investors in the industry.”


SAHIC is the leading conference organizer for hotel and tourism investment in Latin America that promotes business and real estate projects in the region. SAHIC South America is an annual conference with its location rotating every year through different cities in South America. The 2017 SAHIC South America, scheduled for September 13-14, 2017, celebrates the Conference’s 10th Anniversary, returning to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the conference held its inaugural event.

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