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Rob Palleschi Joins G6 Hospitality as New Chief Development Officer to Lead Global Expansion

DALLAS, TX. February 16, 2017 - G6 Hospitality, a top hotel management company known for its iconic economy lodging brands, Motel 6 and Studio 6 in the U.S. and Canada, and Hotel 6 and Estudio 6 brands in Latin America, announced today the appointment of Mr. Rob Palleschi as Chief Development Officer (CDO), effective February 7, 2017.

The newly created executive role is the result of the company's successful expansion and rapidly growing presence in international markets such as Latin America and India. In less than five years, G6 Hospitality signed nearly 700 franchise partners and opened 560 properties. In order to accommodate the increased expansion and sustain the G6 Hospitality franchise community relationships in a fast evolving environment, the enterprise conducted a significant corporate alignment to support its growth. In his new role, Mr. Palleschi will focus on leading the strategic growth of the company's international development and how to best leverage the company's successful domestic platform with international growth. Dean Savas, Executive Vice President of Franchise Development and Management will report to Mr. Palleschi. As the new Chief Development Officer, Mr. Palleschi will report to the President and CEO of G6 Hospitality, Jim Amorosia.

With more than 30 years of hospitality and business experience, Mr. Palleschi is a well-recognized seasoned leader in the food and beverage, and hospitality industries. Most recently, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of TGI Fridays where he demonstrated strong passion for long-term growth and cultivating customer engagement. Additionally, Mr. Palleschi spent 12 years at Hilton Worldwide and served as Global Head of Full Service Brands. During his tenure with Hilton, he was responsible for international operations and developing global growth strategies focused on guest experience, product quality and an energized brand identity.

"We are very pleased to announce the addition of Rob Palleschi to our Executive Team. As we continue our aggressive expansion into new markets, we saw 2017 as an opportunity for G6 Hospitality to strengthen our international market experience," said Jim Amorosia, President and CEO of G6 Hospitality. "To support our global development plans in Mexico, Central America and India, it is imperative that we provide exceptional leadership to ensure the success of our partners, vendors and employees. Rob brings three decades of international operations and franchise experience to G6 Hospitality, which will play an essential role in delivering on our promise to provide great service to our partners and guests across all markets."

G6 Hospitality is forecasting a more than 33 percent increase in new openings by year-end 2017. With its established network in North America, and the strong appeal of its brands, G6 Hospitality continues to position itself as the leader of the economy lodging segment in the U.S., Canada and soon to be in Latin America.

About G6 Hospitality LLC

G6 Hospitality LLC owns, operates and franchises more than 1,350 economy lodging locations under the iconic Motel 6 and the extended stay Studio 6 brands in the U.S and Canada, and Hotel 6 and Estudio 6 brands in Latin America. Headquartered in Dallas (Carrollton), Texas, G6 Hospitality was rated one of the top ten hospitality companies according to the Hotel Management 2015 Top Hotel Companies rankings list, which evaluated over 260 hotel companies. For more information please visit G6Hospitality LLC.

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