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Putting Your Spa Enterprise on a New and Higher Platform of Recognition

By Michael Koethner, Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition

Everything starts in the invisible and returns into the invisible. This incredibly powerful feature, that our science calls thought is available to all humans. It is greatly underestimated amongst everyone on the planet. The creative journey is an experience, individual, extraordinary and breathtaking. But along the way there lies the danger of creating an environment that might be very harmful or counterproductive to the user. They may find themselves caught or stuck in a rut. The trap they have created, for themselves and others, is usually defined by growing pain and limitations, that they find it increasingly difficult to free them from.

Whilst on the journey of self-discovery and recognition all obstacles that might come in the form of people or things ought to be given adequate consideration for their importance. It is very crucial to understand, and under no circumstance underestimate, the positive impact of the organic, biological human component. It must be seen as a fully integrated part of any business operation, and as a key indicator of the inter-relationship with everything and everyone.

The hospitality and wellness industry has reached a point where it has no other choice than to start applying an integration process with the focus on how to encourage and apply a development of the individual human potential that will matche the new economy. There is a business environment in the making where companies and corporations are going to be seen and operated as living organisms, occupied by human beings who thoughtfully and organically communicate and interact from their heart energy, at all times. The future technology will be a by-product, not the main medium of getting business done.

At the same time the very outdated and partly extinguished human resource mode of operation, that was build during the time of the industrial revolution needs to be discarded, as it has totally outlived its use. Unfortunately, most companies and corporations are operating like giant ghosts of bygone times, feeding their remaining pool of resources with all these previously used negative tricks of fear and humiliation, not realizing that people are actually running away in large numbers. The increasing pool of open positions across the globe, within all companies, in divisions and departments confirms that fact. From cleaner to top executive, people are no longer willing to participate in projects that serve no one, and where they are used as a 'resource' only. Something must change, and will change.

The shift currently under way puts a new type of pressure on everyone, because the success and expansion of a business is no longer about some statistical performance, justifying key indicators or to enforce a strong-hold on team members to push them to their limits, rather the opposite is happening. With a never seen before demand on very active, very immediate, very conscious, compassionate as well as multisensory communication, a new personal and professional environment is defining itself rapidly. It leaves no more room for experimental tricks from the top management. It is now time for complete collaboration with other industries and put all the knowledge into action to make a business for viable, attractive for powerful partnerships and visible for potential investors. The benefit of an active, life-filled and passionate communication environment that encourages the individual human potential, will mirror itself, and be visible through the immediate improvement of an individual's performance; in a never seen before manner.

Respectively, it will open endless opportunities for everyone to embark on a journey of self-discovery, and will put the business enterprise on a new and higher platform of recognition, publicly as well as company internal.

Just like a tree feeds itself from its strong and healthy roots, they also provide solid support in times of hurricanes and tornadoes. Likewise, a healthy business needs support from its foundation in order to grow, develop and expand in order to adapt in the ever-changing economic environment, and to withstand any negative impact. However, for all businesses the environment is changing itself, therefore new and solid foundations need to be built and applied in order to stay active and be visible on the new market. Old foundations have to rigorously be extracted and discarded, once and for all. To ensure that this process is fruitful in years to come, all current and future generations need to nurture and water them adequately. Nowadays this is work is in progress and great care must be given to regular renewal and adaptation. These times call for deep foundational change and adjustments, as all current values, work ethics, dreams and visions have outgrown its worth.

It is now crucial to get to the core, find out the true purpose of learning and participation before making a decision to just work for cash only, each day. Everything a person undertakes as of now needs to come from, and defined by the heart, guided by the spirit and soul, on their journey of becoming. Values establish itself out of the purpose and will ensure that the person or business stays on track. Once all components are in alignment, potential partnerships will be created in miraculous ways. They will be of assistance in reaching the next level in the growth process. As there is no definite goal, just an exciting journey, foundations and values need to be regularly evaluated, to match the new road ahead.

The unique purpose of each person will eradicate the tendency of the copy/paste mentality, and furthers the creative process of humanity. This is going to be the self-nurturing and self-sustainable planet everyone secretly wished for years. Rest assured that a paradigm shift of immense proportions is happening as we speak, that will push humanity and businesses to rethink everything they got used to, and is going to reach and infiltrate every corner of the industry, ready or not. The good news is that it will be a liberating outcome, accompanied by adequate guidance that may come in many different forms and shapes. It is going to be a journey of deep healing, forever eliminating all malicious toxins that have limited the healthy growth process.

A pre-condition for any healing retreat, wellness center or similar business enterprise, that is going to offer manual and/or non-manual therapies, is going to be the proper and adequate positioning and alignment with earth's nature and energy field. These conditions include that careful and focused consideration is given and applied to all parts of the hardware, software and the human component. Everything must match for true therapies to do what they meant to provide, to be effective, and that the services people expect will be performed from the heart, not by order or impersonal standard requirements. As soon as the guest/client enters through the gates of healing, they must have the immediate feeling of connectedness with everything that is present.

Therefore any therapist must inherently understand, and be fully aware of, the complete inside-out energy flow. Their feelings, thoughts, moods, behavior and other environmental influences must be acknowledged. All negative influences can be released into the unknown through meditation and a deep breathing technique. A procedure that should be performed at least two times during the course of the day. This ensures the person's homeostasis. The alignment of body, mind, soul and spirit is a personal, sacred, enjoyable, encouraging and fulfilling ritual. It is best performed, alone, in a serene and calm setting with personal, pre-set preferences such as lighting, sound, scent and other enhancements that awaken all known and unknown senses. The emptying of the mind as in meditation, the powerful and intentional inhaling/exhaling in a Qi-Gong performance, the re-awakening of all body systems when practicing Tai-Chi or other martial arts techniques in a silent and calm environment will force the mind and body to rediscover the eternal existence of the soul and spirit.

It will shut down the constant interrupting and useless chatter. As the various techniques being applied and performed, an inner conversation between soul and spirit starts to occur, and the person learns to trust that there is something much more powerful in charge, keeping it all alive; something so powerful that it can never ever be extinguished, no matter how much force is applied. This power does not come from the body and not from the mind; nor is it artificially created. It is eternal and omnipresent, waiting to be put to creative use in a person's life. It provides the inner and outer peace, directs and guides the body and mind on the journey of becoming that, which is known as the individual purpose.

If performed in regular daily and monthly intervals, the process is going to do exactly what it suppose to do. In due time there will be confirmed signs and powerful glimpses of healing and realignment in a persons life, that may look like miracles to the common man. Once the person and the company have again develop an inherent trust and have applied and practiced the above techniques, effective communication will replace the very outdated "SOP". Simply because a coherent understanding and alignment within each person will be the standard of performance, and put the operation in a self-healing, automatic mode of operation. The SOP then creates itself, together with the feeling and knowing of belonging and support for each other. As time goes by, the internal SOP will be so powerful that it will even effectively change the external environment to accompany the inner peace and calmness.

The past individualistic and competing performance mode will no longer be necessary and applicable. Any obstacles and challenges will be solved, overcome and dealt with much more respect and in a very effective due time, because the awareness and focus of each person will be in alignment with their own journey towards the common goal, instead of the previous greedy and profit oriented individualistic behavior. This is something very exciting to look forward to, and it will happen, no matter what. Sufficient and adequate guidance will be given and gladly received by each person and business entity. It will come from unknown sources through the application of the new foundation and set of values. Sometimes there will be small steps and signs, that need to be recognized, interpreted and build into the process. There is something in the industry that no longer works. That something creates frictions between all parties who are engaged in the business, be it executive management, ownership, investors or the pool of people who physically serve the guests.

It is a loud cry for unity, a need of belonging, acceptance and understanding. That gap, which has been growing in the past 30 over years, must be closed soon; before it explodes and scatters into miniscule pieces. It is time to act now and lead the pool of people into the direction that is worth living for, and stop creating more issues and challenges by acting out an immature, ignorant competitive work environment. Stop define people on their past actions, deeds and career moves, instead develop and build a coherent ability to sense the supportive energies that are yet invisible but soon required for the journey of healing. A healing that starts with one Self, and extends into the company and society.

Mr. Koethner started his Career as a Hotel and Chef Trainee at the Hotel Hohenzollern in Osnabrueck – Germany. Shortly after his successful Apprenticeship, he traveled to various Countries around the world and worked for renowned international hotel companies as well as for various private businesses. With more than 30 years experience Mr. Koethner has a comprehensive understanding of a Hotel and Wellness Enterprise Operation with Knowledge and Expertise of most of the Divisions and Departments. Mr. Koethner can be contacted at +86 186 1224 5038 or Please visit for more information. Extended Bio... retains the copyright to the articles published in the Hotel Business Review. Articles cannot be republished without prior written consent by

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