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A Therapist's Day: A View of What Should Take Place in the Future Wellness Environment

By Michael Koethner, Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition

The next few years, and the distant future, will see the profession of alternative therapy (i.e. naturopathy, homeopathy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, energy alignment, soul healing, fitness, exercise and the likes) in much higher demand than at any rate and time before. The increasing demand for complementary therapies will unfold itself through the yet unseen energetic forces of the soul and spirit. These two entities will ignite a fire with the human body volcano to release deeply repressed and unresolved issues; regardless of the mental, spiritual and/or physical condition of the individual. It is going to happen across the globe, stretching into every tiny corner of society; the business environment must be ready to accommodate its demand and be open to new opportunities, not the other way around.

These two sources of life will also put immense pressure on the planet as to shake up humanity in all other aspects of earthly living, in a never seen before rate and speed. It will finally re-invigorate the very powerful and true natural healing process on this planet. The process will have a profound impact on everyone and everything in order to regain the true universal power, which lies within. The time has come, to openly, and vigorously confront every situation that inhibits humanity and its environment from learning, understanding and evolving into the life we meant to live.

The next generation of wellness centers and spas require therapists to be leaders in their own rights and profession, coherent, complete and in alignment with their environment. They must have a determination, obligation, passion and inspiration, extensive skills and accumulated knowledge in order to provide sacred and mystical treatments; whilst being fully aware of their inherent regenerating powers, to guide others through this extraordinary time of adaptation and change. Therapists who focus on quick fixes, vanity make-up and superficial treatments will no longer be able to perform such tricks in order to enhance the business performance, or to justify a balance sheet.

The key driving business factor and performance index for any wellness enterprise in the near future, is knowing how to create a complete and integrated project and vision, and to make sure that people are carefully selected, receive continued education and heartfelt recognition. They must also be able to fully grasp the immense healing powers of our times, yet to come. The knowing and feeling of belonging and acceptance ensures a smooth business flow and eliminates the constant intimidation and interference by superiors who are obsessed with a process of micro management.

There is a process, a paradigm shift, under way that can no longer be stopped. It is a deep inherent and profound urge, in humanity, to set itself free of absolutely everything that is limiting the development and blocking the need for growth, in order to move into a more evolved stage of spiritual existence. The majority of earth's humanity is finally waking up, starting to see physical evidence of the invisible powers that are hidden beneath their ego identity. The pressure to overcome its self imposed limitations is still gentle, yet firm, relentlessly demanding, until it has reached the boiling point in every cell, within each person, partnership, family; in every company, firm and corporation. Without restrictions to continents, countries, societies, civilizations, color, heritage, gender, believe systems, dogmas, and/or religious activities, there will be grand fireworks of joy, happiness, relieve and freedom at the end of a long journey through a very dark tunnel; paired with the sure knowing that it is more powerful than anything ever seen or felt before.

The changes in our exterior environment, such as the collapse of outdated, and partly rotten, company systems are just a confirmation of this long overdue change. The present naiveté and very immature mentality is going to diminish, fading away for good, and right in front of our eyes. This is, and will be replaced with a more mature and very powerful force of coherent, supportive, loving and universal spiritual life force; a connective, collaborative energy that encapsulates all facets of the inter-dimensional human entity, including the mind, body, soul and spirit. The one's who are ready for this new environment will evolve into the next dimension, leaving all currently known earthly restrictions and limitations behind forever. It is going to be very exciting, and we will see it all come to pass; this is now a fact and any argumentation against it will be a farce to say the least.

People who are consciously aware of this powerful shift usually work, and occupy professions, in the wide field of therapy such as alternative therapies, complimentary and traditional medicine, indigenous and metaphysical science of healing, as well as in other scientific disciplines. They have escaped the fading lifestyle of childish competition and selectiveness. They have willingly and purposely opened their channels to receive guidance of higher wisdom. It is a very powerful, at times exceedingly painful, process and ought not to be underestimated under any circumstance. To pass on the knowledge of healing to others is crucial in times of despair, but also a sensitive subject to handle. Therefore providing professional active assistance and participation in any therapy session requires a plan and physical space that matches the new landscape, so to speak. However, be reminded that all therapists themselves going through the unfolding drama of daily change, discovering that the real master of their existence is the omnipresent universe, the source of everything, not the ego. Unfortunately, and only when calamity hits one's life with full force, when literally everything breaks into miniscule pieces, people come to appreciate life. As soon as they accept the existence of other dimensions the universe sends them definite signs of the invisible powers; this is when the journey begins.

Exactly at that point in time people turn into very humble beings, showing immense respect to everything that is happening in their lives. They then step aside of the daily grind and give in to the powers that are yet to take over. In the past few years, quantum physics and all related science proved that all matter is comprised of subatomic particles that include positive as well as negative electrical charge. Humanity has therefore come to understand that we are all electrical or so-called energy beings, and part of an all-inclusive universe. It is so vast that it is incomprehensible to understand with our given limited and very immature, controlling ego mentality. It has opened up an indefinite realm of yet unknown possibilities and opportunities for each of us, if we are willing to step aside, learn, understand and open up to the infinite knowledge at our doorstep. Every form of chemical or physical matter has a very specific and measurable frequency that is only recently being accepted. Soon we are going to be able to use it for the benefit of planet earth and our Self.

A therapist who is living their true calling and is equipped with a deep passion for their profession is able to clearly identify, confront and conquer all challenges and issues with ease and empathy. They are able to work on effective solutions to help each client re-establish overall good health and a state of well-being, through an adequate and personalized selection of applied and performed therapies. This is going to take place in the future therapy environment that is going to be enhanced with a very strong focus on the holistic and all-inclusive healing.

Architecture and interior design will of course also be part of it, and it will not only be for the benefit of the clients, but also for the entire property and the company's business performance. Everything and everyone will be in alignment with the healing powers of the earth energy grid, which connects directly to the coherent universes. At the very core of each therapy will be the therapist, presented as a powerful and engaging leader, with respect for themselves and an admiration for what they have chosen to do for others. They will be the key medium to facilitate and assist in the elimination of toxic energy and substances, and will use their knowledge, expertise and skills to cleanse the body systems and mental state of the person, successively create an environment that empowers the individual.

Therefore a day of a therapist ought to start with their own body re-alignment in the morning, ideally performing body movements and healing arts such as Qi-Gong and/or Tai-Chi, as well as, and not limited to, Meditation and/or Yoga, in order to reconnect to source and eliminate toxic residuals from the previous day and night, that might have been stored within themselves. Ideally each day and each therapy session starts with a thorough spiritual cleansing ceremony that entails the entire property inside and out, extending into each room and corner. It ought to be performed in regular intervals, and in addition to the day-to-day performance of duties and tasks. Starting at the exterior driving entrance and main entry door, extending into the lobby then into each of the rooms. Treatment rooms must be cleansed of residual energy after each treatment, for a suggested time of 5 to 10 minutes to ensure that the next client enters into a free and clean space, without being affected by other people's negative or positive energy. It is also very important to be aware of the impacts of possible negative energy arising from thoughts and behaviors whilst interacting with other people and the immediate environment.

A person who is trained in the art of knowing, not assumptions - is forever a student in any given situation of live. They have learned to appreciate patience - a patience that is alive when studying paint drying on the wall - they have learned to show respect to the flow of the Qi - the invisible life force - that is required to rebalance and realign all systems of the body. With it comes the art of listening, another feature of how to understand life, they are capable of applying and practice silence - communication, as we know it, is not the same as listening. Listening is sacred, paying respect to the higher powers that are in charge. Listen to the energy flowing between them, the environment and people, makes great them leaders in their profession. The daily practice of meditation gives the person the ability to drop-out, tune-in and observe everything with a higher spiritual perspective. With the practice the listening and feeling can catch some body conditions in an instant, later providing some effective solutions during the therapy session. People are too busy to listen, therefore losing valuable time for getting it right in the first place, a therapist can help in that regard.

The art of waiting - not having everything right now, but in due time is another strong feature of a good therapist. Nothing that is of excellence will happen and/or come together in an instant. There is a pre-live history and heritage in each person that needs to be recognized when providing therapy. The art of waiting is to let people allow coming on their own volition; the connection establishes itself and solutions present itself during the course of the therapy. The art of forgiving oneself should be applied at the very beginning, through meditation, within a silent and sacred space; people never sustain health without forgiveness on themselves. Doing or not doing anything at the wrong time will cause the painful conditions and symptoms to escalate, and require a more complex and exhausting therapy approach.

Both, the therapist and the client have to be aware of the art of openness. It can be very difficult to open one's heart and allow love to flow through. Open the soul after it's been hurt, release all protection barriers and release all pain is surely a challenge. Not knowing how to go about the release of pain actually brings the person to the therapist. They will assist them in the process to let healing take place and open the gateway to paradise.

Paradise is not a location; it is not a city nor is it any other physical place. Paradise is, as mentioned in many sacred scripts, texts and writings, a state of knowing, a sphere or invisible environment. As such, it is created through the mind, guided by the heart and expressed in the external physical form. As soon as one knows their purpose and calling, one is in paradise. For most people this is challenging to accept. However, soon, in very due time, it will be the new norm, to live in a constant state of bliss. It will redefine any form of interaction, communication and how to build beneficial, sustainable partnerships. All relationships will then have a foundation of complete understanding, compassion and love. It will put a new and refreshed meaning of trust, loyalty and honesty to life.

A therapist must acknowledge the symptoms and the root of problems, find suitable solutions for healing that are in correspondence with the emerging life-changing paradigm. They must also be aware of the energy flow of the environment, its people, displays, furniture, other hardware and software as well as with the external surroundings such as landscape. They must understand the universal principle that everything is in the whole as it is in its parts at the very same time. However they interact with everything determines a certain outcome somewhere else. It may appear in the form of people, signs, sounds, songs, circumstances, interactions, plants, animals, colors, thoughts, dreams, movements, and/or in any other life situations and conditions. It serves as a guide on the journey to rejoice with the original life force.

Mr. Koethner started his Career as a Hotel and Chef Trainee at the Hotel Hohenzollern in Osnabrueck – Germany. Shortly after his successful Apprenticeship, he traveled to various Countries around the world and worked for renowned international hotel companies as well as for various private businesses. With more than 30 years experience Mr. Koethner has a comprehensive understanding of a Hotel and Wellness Enterprise Operation with Knowledge and Expertise of most of the Divisions and Departments. Mr. Koethner can be contacted at +86 186 1224 5038 or Please visit for more information. Extended Bio... retains the copyright to the articles published in the Hotel Business Review. Articles cannot be republished without prior written consent by

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