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The Grand Opening Ceremony

The Invisible Forces of True Alignment Coming from the Heart

By Michael Koethner, Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition

A Grand Opening of a hotel and/or wellness enterprise ought to be something very exciting and beneficial for everyone involved. It should reflect a strong sense of worldliness, creativity with an architectural and interior design touch of complete alignment, effective and well-thought planning, efficient and structured organization, a sense of familiarity and a feeling of having arrived home. It is through the alignment and the inclusiveness of all parts, where the whole presents itself, and thrives in total harmony, peace and abundance with everything the endless universe has to offer.

When going for a therapy and experiencing the process of cleansing and opening all channels of the human body, such as the very powerful Meridian Lines and Points, the chakras and the most obvious one's the lymphatic system, it most likely will erupt in an undesired fashion, leaving the client in some pain, discomfort or agony for some time. But at some point in life a deep detoxification and cleansing process is a must, if the desire for life is still a given. This cleansing process is visible on earth through earthquakes, volcano eruptions, harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures etc. This process eventually forces itself into every particle of life on this planet, and humans, companies, business, systems and other structures are not exempt from it.

Most of humanity is now very well aware of the fact that everything starts with a thought in combination with a strong feeling. An incredible powerful chain reaction of biochemical nano explosions are to follow, which sets a desire to create something extraordinary, for all to benefit from in motion. The feedback received from others and from the environment, in the form of unseen, but clearly felt, balance, peace, calmness, support and compassion is a mirror image and confirmation of being on the right or wrong track. Anything created and/or done for the sole purpose of hoarding is counterproductive, programmed for its own demise. Right now, the circumstances and situations in regard to any business, personal and professional relationship, groups of people, societies and cultures presented with an energy that forces its rotten core to regurgitate itself on the most deepest and intimate level. It will leave nothing unturned.

Any resistance will come back with an even harder punch right on the most painful spot, digging even deeper into the wound to make sure that the message has been received and is understood. Words cannot describe enough, and emphasize on this powerful event, which is currently taking place around the world. It cannot be neglected or pushed aside any longer, and the time has come to assimilate what is happening right now into the conscience of the human psyche.

This energy has already made itself comfortable in every person, and is in the process to prepare everyone for the grand opening ceremony that is taking place soon. First, it is going to collect, absorb all rotten parts, bacteria and viruses, sweeping through the channels, links, pipes and networks of the entire human body, sucking it up like a vacuum cleaner. It will then encapsulate everything and enforces the elimination process, which will be the equivalent to a massive volcano eruption. It will create a state of shock and awe that will paralyze the entity, the psyche and the body for the duration of the process, in order to protect the soul and spirit. It is similar to a total system upgrade from a greedy, primitive caveman mentality and behavior to a very sophisticated, loveable, highly knowledgeable and emphatic entity, fitted, dressed, equipped and groomed with the new thriving energy, so it can sustain and present itself in the new sphere of this planet.

The pendulum has swung too far on one side and the scales of balance are so out of balance it is not funny anymore. There is an urgent need to restore homeostasis on every cellular level of each individual as well as in the world economical environment. The conditions at the work place, in many industry sectors, are horrendous and insane, to say the least. The pressure at work is artificially created and rising, and it has only one purpose, that is, to protect inoperable, invaluable, incomplete, incompatible and outdated systems and structures, that are trash from bygone times of the agricultural and industrial revolution. Living amongst, and dealing with these trash systems pushes people to the breaking point of life. They involuntarily forced to do things they no longer can identify with, and want to live with. Therefore, more and more people find themselves in absurd situations, trying to escape their bosses who still behave like dying emperors who have not understood that the times are a changing.

In plain kindergarten business terminology, the industry has reached its peak for this cycle of growth and development. It is stuck at a point of no return, and it looks like, that there is no Plan B at hand, to maneuver and enter into the next stage of development. This is so obvious, but it is purposely ignored and pushed aside by a leadership that is still operating on a "me first and ego" mentality. People are running away in the masses, and it paralyses the industry, because there is this very narrow-minded view on the balance sheet that supposed to fix all the problems. What a joke, it is like asking the heart to fix a broken bone or to do the job for the kidney. It will never ever work because the law designed the heart to perform a specific duty in the context of the human body; it is there to keep everything alive by providing the necessary life energy to all organs and systems, in order for them to do what needs to be done. But in return it requests love.

The continuation of an outdated behavior mode eventually creates more havoc, not only for the individual but also for all companies and businesses involved. The system of fear and separation that created the competitiveness is a still present and seeming power, but it diminishes and evaporates with every second, because it has outlived its existence, finally. It stems from a time when the animal instinct and the primitive ego created scarcity and limitations amongst all living creatures, with the environment left behind totally destroyed on a massive scale. The change that must take place, and necessary adaptation, can no longer be ignored, and serious action must be taken now in order to safe humanity and the planet. What's the point of having a business if there is no planet or human?

The hospitality and wellness industry has now maxed out its current capabilities, because it has been running on a track of quick fixes and vanity. It has neglected the immense opportunities to help people heal from the inside out, and did not encourage anything that has been written in the scriptures of healing and natural therapies. The shortcomings are now seen everywhere, in every sector across the globe. This couch potato behavior and its accompanying comfortable blessings of superiority, materialistic gain and status have created a heaviness called, obesity, cardiac exhaustion, cancer, osteoporosis, burn-out, liver and kidney malfunction, blindness, craziness, suicidal tendencies, to name a few.

The industry is now operating in a paralyzed state that does not serve anyone, anymore. People just stand there in the lobbies, in the treatment rooms and perform like robots, technocrats or Bureaucrats. They have lost all previously trained knowledge, skills and empathy. Trying to find out what went wrong is a start, but if the manner of neglect continues then all provisions will be swept down the drain.

Employers, bosses, leaders, managers, corporations, companies have no longer the option to be and act exclusive by presenting themselves on the sidelines, as something special. They are now being force to think and act in an all inclusive manner by incorporating options and partnerships of all varieties, they have never ever thought of before. Just like in the human body, not one part of the body can survive or operate exclusively; it must operate, cooperate, collaborate and act inclusive in order to effectively participate in the process of life, to reap the benefit of the whole.

Only a coherent, collaborative and inclusive system sustains itself and others, therefore attracting success and the desired financial results. No division, department and/or outlet can receive lesser attention any longer. Matter of fact, it is inherently counterproductive to focus on one area only in order to manipulate the image, the figures and/or numbers. To makes cuts in one area thinking that it creates a better performance in the other area of the operation is a very primitive behavior that not even nature has considered possible.

The breaking point is now, everything is on the edge and it is time for a new organizational structure in every sense. A new philosophical as well as psychological approach is necessary in order to recapture the market and to attract highly skilled and passionate participants who are willing to serve the customer by heart and have the endurance like a long-distance runner. It is necessary to re-build and restructure its foundation and core. The core values have to be re-established so they are a match to the highly evolved and multi-sensory human being, which now lives in an environment where any thought has an immediate effect on the environment. The timelessness of the universe has now become a reality in every sense of daily interaction and life, presented via the internet.

New seeds must be planted now in order to move into the next stage of evolution. The seeds planted in the past are rotten to the core, the systems are failing and so is their structure and mode of operation. Every intention has to have the focus on total inclusiveness of the whole, and leave all single-mindedness out of the equation. In order to reap the harvest and nurture the environment for further harvests to come, one has to fully grasp the correlation and its partnership that is prevalent in nature and every organism; it is also seen, felt and experienced in the human body. The seed presents the greatness of the future outcome and success.

The dilemma is that every company operates on the false believe that a profitable bottom line will ensure ever-lasting success, by outperforming the departments against each other. Only humans do that to each other, it is very primitive and plain silly. The greatest resource and equity is in nurtured partnerships, not in the competition. A competitive mindset destroys business. Partnerships are collaborational in its nature and fruitful for the outcome and the success of the individual entity. A company, which is not recognizing the power of partnerships, is hemorrhaging itself, literally bleeding to death. No single organism can grow without another organism. That is the law of nature and the law of universe.

The seed is in the harvest. A successful Grand Opening, or re-emergence of a previously successful business, is a true, harmonious blend of all parts, people and materials. It is the total inclusiveness, a coherence and acceptance of values, of indifference, compassion and passion. It is the alignment of the invisible with the visible hard facts, of all organic human relationships and the commitment towards all employees, customers, guests, members, investors, shareholders and other external partnerships. It is also about the recognition of all senses, built into the hardware and software of the business. We must remember that we are now living in a multi-sensory environment, and any slight imbalance or indifference is immediately and instantly counterproductive to the outcome.

Every thought we think, every word we write or speak, every decision we make, every action we perform has an instant impact on the outcome, with tremendous consequences, that can lead to a fruitful or a disastrous ending. If a company or investor per se, is not aware of the correlation of its current situation in the marketplace and the challenges they presented with, then any opening or continuous business operation will simply not work. Thinking and operating relational is the key to expansion and the success of any business, with a give a take on all levels. Only if these ingredients are given, passionate, qualified, skilled, experienced leaders and professionals who have the core interest to produce, present and serve customers, guests and members will be attracted to the enterprise. Everyone must have a feeling of true belonging and acceptance in order to perform to full capacity . A Grand Opening of a Business is the Grand Opening of the Heart that is filled with love, joy, happiness, truth, faith, only then I can reap the rich and abundant harvest that is waiting in the process of life.


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Mr. Koethner started his Career as a Hotel and Chef Trainee at the Hotel Hohenzollern in Osnabrueck – Germany. Shortly after his successful Apprenticeship, he traveled to various Countries around the world and worked for renowned international hotel companies as well as for various private businesses. With more than 30 years experience Mr. Koethner has a comprehensive understanding of a Hotel and Wellness Enterprise Operation with Knowledge and Expertise of most of the Divisions and Departments. Mr. Koethner can be contacted at +86 186 1224 5038 or Please visit for more information. Extended Bio... retains the copyright to the articles published in the Hotel Business Review. Articles cannot be republished without prior written consent by

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