Ms. Dombey

Ally Dombey

Managing Director

Revenue by Design

Ally Dombey is managing director of the revenue management consultancy, Revenue by Design, and works as a business associate of Buell Consulting.

She works with individual hotels, hotel groups, leisure and tourism companies to create best-in-class revenue management and marketing strategies, designed to optimize revenues from all departments and across all distribution channels and third party partners.

She engages with client teams to develop revenue-focused cultures within organizations, working across departments to ensure alignment of marketing, revenue & distribution strategies.

Current and previous clients include The Grove at Narberth, The Dorchester Collection, The Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, Fullers Inns, The Lensbury, Pentillie Castle and St Michael’s Hotel and Spa.

Ms. Dombey is the UK accredited trainer of the HSMAI Europe Certified Revenue Manager qualification, and runs the revenue academy web site, a resource for training in revenue management.

Ms. Dombey can be contacted at 44-0-20-7635-6810 or

Coming Up In The May Online Hotel Business Review

Feature Focus
Eco-Friendly Practices: The Value of Sustainability
The hotel industry continues to make remarkable progress in implementing sustainability policies and procedures in their properties throughout the world. As a result, they continue to reap the benefits of increased profitability, enhanced guest experiences, and improved community relations. In addition, as industry standards are codified and adopted worldwide, hotels can now compare how their operations measure up against their competitors in terms of sustainable practices and accomplishments. This capacity to publicly compare and contrast is spurring competition and driving innovation as hotels do not wish to be left behind in this area. Water management and conservation is still a primary issue as population growth, urbanization, pollution and wasteful consumption patterns place increasing demands on freshwater supply. Water recycling; installing low-flow fixtures; using digital sensors to control water usage; and even harvesting rainwater are just a few things that some hotels are doing to preserve this precious resource. Waste management is another major concern. Through policies of reduce, reuse and recycle, some hotels are implementing “zero-waste” programs with the goal of substantially reducing their landfill waste which produces carbon dioxide and methane gases. Other hotels have established comprehensive training programs that reinforce the value of sustainability. There is employee engagement through posters and quizzes, and even contests are held to increase innovation, sensitivity and environmental awareness. Some hotels are also monitoring a guest’s energy usage and rewarding those who consumed less energy with gifts and incentives. The May issue of the Hotel Business Review will document how some hotels are integrating eco-friendly practices into their operations and how they and the environment are benefiting from them.