Ms. Dombey

Ally Dombey

Managing Director

Revenue by Design

Ally Dombey is managing director of the revenue management consultancy, Revenue by Design, and works as a business associate of Buell Consulting.

She works with individual hotels, hotel groups, leisure and tourism companies to create best-in-class revenue management and marketing strategies, designed to optimize revenues from all departments and across all distribution channels and third party partners.

She engages with client teams to develop revenue-focused cultures within organizations, working across departments to ensure alignment of marketing, revenue & distribution strategies.

Current and previous clients include The Grove at Narberth, The Dorchester Collection, The Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, Fullers Inns, The Lensbury, Pentillie Castle and St Michael’s Hotel and Spa.

Ms. Dombey is the UK accredited trainer of the HSMAI Europe Certified Revenue Manager qualification, and runs the revenue academy web site, a resource for training in revenue management.

Ms. Dombey can be contacted at 44-0-20-7635-6810 or

Coming Up In The July Online Hotel Business Review

Feature Focus
Hotel Spa: Measuring the Results
As the Hotel Spa and Wellness Movement continues to flourish, spa operations are seeking new and innovative ways to expand their menu of services to attract even more people to their facilities, and to and measure the results of spa treatments. Whether it’s spa, fitness, wellness meet guest expectations. Among new developments, there seems to be a growing emphasis on science to define or beauty services, guests are becoming increasingly careful about what they ingest, inhale or put on their skin, and they are requesting scientific data on the treatments they receive. They are open to exploring the benefits of alternative therapies – like brain fitness exercises, electro-magnetic treatments, and chromotherapy – but only if they have been validated scientifically. Similarly, some spas are integrating select medical services and procedures into their operations, continuing the convergence of hotel spas with the medical world. Parents are also increasingly concerned about the health and well-being of their children and are willing to devote time and money to overcome their poor diets, constant stress, and hours spent hunched over computer, tablet and smartphone screens. Parents are investing in wellness-centric family vacations; yoga and massage for kids; mindfulness and meditation classes; and healthy, locally sourced, organic food. For hotel spas, this trend represents a significant area for future growth. Other trends include the proliferation of Wellness Festivals which celebrate health and well-being, and position hotel spas front and center. The July issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on these trends and developments and examine how hotel spas are integrating them into their operations.