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Eric Ricaurte



Serving several leading global hospitality companies, Eric Ricaurte engages the industry to advance sustainability through measurement and reporting, bringing his 10 years of experience in operations and consulting in diverse nature and cultural tourism projects.

Mr. Ricaurte's recent industry work includes authoring the Cornell study “Developing a Sustainability Measurement Framework for Hotels: Toward an Industry-wide Reporting Structure” and serving as technical consultant for Phase 1 of the Carbon Measurement Working Group, a joint initiative of the International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel & Tourism Council to standardize carbon metrics across the industry. His chapter, “A Guide to Measuring Sustainability” is included in the AHLA Educational Institute textbook Hotel Sustainable Development: Best Practices and Principles.

Mr. Ricaurte began his career managing a rainforest lodge and tour operation in Costa Rica and winning a student research finalist award in 2001 for his paper titled “Carbon Sequestration, Credit Trading and Offsetting, and their Relation to Travel and Tourism.” Since then he has consulted globally for hotel properties; hotel companies; hospitality vendors; tourism operators, attractions and complexes; tourism boards and tourism clusters. His consulting firm, Greenview, provides services top global lodging companies and lodging REITs for their sustainability reporting, and collaborates with partner firm LEGACY Sustainability Management to help large association events measure, report, and improve their triple bottom line performance.

Mr. Ricaurte earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and a Master of Science degree in Travel and Tourism Management from New York University. He is currently a research associate at the Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research.

Mr. Ricaurte can be contacted at 202-470-1094 or

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Guest Service: The Personalized Experience
In the not-too-distant future, when guests arrive at a hotel, they will check themselves in using a kiosk in the lobby, by- passing a stop at the front desk. When they call room service to order food, it will be from a hotel mobile tablet, practically eliminating any contact with friendly service people. Though these inevitable developments will likely result in delivered to their door by a robot. When they visit a restaurant, their orders will be placed and the bill will be paid some staff reduction, there is a silver lining – all the remaining hotel staff can be laser-focused on providing guests with the best possible service available. And for most guests, that means being the beneficiary of a personalized experience from the hotel. According to a recent Yahoo survey, 78 percent of hotel guests expressed a desire for some kind of personalization. They are seeking services that not only make them feel welcomed, but valued, and cause them to feel good about themselves. Hotels must strive to establish an emotional bond with their guests, the kind of bond that creates guest loyalty and brings them back time and again. But providing personalized service is more than knowing your guests by name. It’s leaving a bottle of wine in the room of a couple celebrating their anniversary, or knowing which guest enjoys having a fresh cup of coffee brought to their room as part of a wake-up call. It’s the small, thoughtful, personal gestures that matter most and produce the greatest effect. The April issue of the Hotel Business Review will document what some leading hotels are doing to cultivate and manage guest satisfaction in their operations.