Need to Close More Hotel Sales? Try Implementing These Two Marketing Tactics

By Jennifer Nagy President, jlnpr | June 10, 2018

I remember when I was launching my PR agency, JLNPR, I experienced a 24/7 rollercoaster of emotions: mostly, excitement and hope but also, a lot of fear and worry. Even though I knew my niche - the hospitality tech industry - inside and out, had many years of experience and knew that I could enact real change to companies' bottom line using public relations (because I'd already done it for many tech companies), that didn't change the fact that I felt panicked when I realized that, this time, I'd be doing it ALL on my own.

Negative thoughts ran on a loop, all day and all night: "What if I can't get a client? What if other people don't believe in my abilities enough to work with me, a single-person start-up? What if potential clients need JLNPR client references before they sign on the bottom line? How do I get that all-important first sale?"

(Does any of this sound familiar to you?)

And then, one day I stopped myself, mid-panic, because I realized something very important: "Of course I will be successful; all I need to do is apply the same PR tactics that I'd used to boost other companies' visibility, shorten their sales cycles and increase sales, to my own fledgling business."

Nine years later (this July), I'm still here, running a successful PR agency, feeling proud to have worked with so many innovative companies who have developed technologies that have revolutionized hotels' operational processes.

If any of my early experiences ring true to what you're feeling, keep reading because I'm going to share the two marketing tactics that I used to find success in the hospitality industry.

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Mobile Technology: The Future is Now

Mobile Technology continues to advance at a relentless pace and the hotel industry continues to adapt. Hotel guests have shown a strong preference for mobile self-service - from checking-in/out at a hotel kiosk, to ordering room service, making dinner reservations, booking spa treatments, and managing laundry/dry cleaning services. And they also enjoy the convenience of paying for these services with smart phone mobile payments. In addition, some hotels have adopted a “concierge in your pocket” concept. Through a proprietary hotel app, guests can access useful information such as local entertainment venues, tourist attractions, event calendars, and medical facilities and services. In-room entertainment continues to be a key factor, as guests insist on the capacity to plug in their own mobile devices to customize their entertainment choices. Mobile technology also allows for greater marketing opportunities. For example, many hotels have adopted the use of “push notifications” - sending promotions, discounts and special event messages to guests based on their property location, purchase history, profiles, etc. Near field communication (NFC) technology is also being utilized to support applications such as opening room doors, earning loyalty points, renting a bike, accessing a rental car, and more. Finally, some hotels have adopted more futuristic technology. Robots are in use that have the ability to move between floors to deliver room service requests for all kinds of items - food, beverages, towels, toothbrushes, chargers and snacks. And infrared scanners are being used by housekeeping staff that can detect body heat within a room, alerting staff that the room is occupied and they should come back at a later time. The January Hotel Business Review will report on what some hotels are doing to maximize their opportunities in this exciting mobile technology space.